All You Need to Know About Natural Hair



All You Need to Know About Natural Hair


Today’s post is very personal and not transferable opinion because I want to share with you a few tips on caring for Afro hair. So without further ado let’s start. …

10 tips for afro hair care

They are placed in this order, as they could be anywhere else. That is, they have no special order and not think any more important than another. Are ten tips. There, we do not give more laps. for more just check Hair Style hub.

1. Become an expert in your hair

While there are common factors and features to the afro (say, for example, its fragility and dryness), every natural hair is different as there are som  many different textures and hair types. And what I can work for me may not work like you. So you have to become an expert in the care of your own afro hair. These tips on caring afro hair may not serve anything because it works for you otherwise. And that’s fine as long as you learn what works for you. So do not discard a product because a great guru said World Curling does not. Because it may not work to her, but you yes. And no one should know yourself (and therefore your hair) better than you.

2. Do not get obsessed with knowing what kind of afro hair is your hair

You may think that this comes, in part, contrary to the previous point, but there is that I come classifications or me or I go. Yes 4a, if 3c, if 5Z … I hit and sunk! Really, what good is knowing what kind of curl you? In addition, depending on how are your curls, you may end up realizing that they have different types of curls according to which parts of your head. So … perhaps not so important. What, however I do believe very important to know the porosity of your hair. That, to me, is a lot more important than not the kind of curl indicator.

3. Drink water and eat healthy.

What does it have to do with your hair? Well obviously much. If we are healthy inside, it is reflected on the outside, especially with respect to hydration. It is no use me to kill yourself putting livines (leave ins), sealing with oils, making this technique, the other and the bike … if you also do not hydrate inside, we gain nothing. So drinking water.
They say, they say that there are also foods that help grow hair. Yes, as there are to produce more milk when you’re breastfeeding -mentira-. So the healthier you eat, the better. Will notice your hair, your nails, your skin and your overall fitness. This is not spend our lives making of restrictive diets. Moreover, if we restrictive diets in which we lack the necessary intake of certain nutrients, our hair also will notice. But worse.

4. Genetics also plays a role.

Hair grows, yes. But at different speeds. My hubbies’s hair grows faster you not: the following. Instead of me grows more slowly my hair. Y? Nothing, each hair grows with you. And your hair may not grow as fast as the afro your friend … or as slowly as the hair of your colleague. Estate so you have to be, that is your hair. It docent matter matter if you are a looking for middle aged Afro American woman hairstyles or even black girl hairstyles your genetics will always play a role.

5. The afro hair shrinks. Relax

I welcome you to the Wonderful World shrinkage. The afro is the epitome of curly hair, curls and shrink. You know that, right? That’s it. You may despair every time you put yourself in the mirror and you look with your cold there, with that very desperate measure. It turns out that if you take a lock for the lead and stretch … wow! What is not so short? That’s it.

6. Do not compare. With no one.

“I just got a haircut Fulanita later than me and already have longer.” “It Is that Menganita is not in the hair and half the things that I do and has an Afro hair do not see.” OK right. I will say again, at the risk of sounding repetitive: And? I mean … this is not a race or a competition. Face it, accept it and go. Take care of your Afro hair that is healthy and, when you want to realize, will be in a measure you had not thought.

7. Enjoy every stage of your afro hair

I remember when I was obsessed with growth of Afro Hair Styles. I do not know if you know this, but there are some, let’s call them, as general objectives of the hair, which also operate for afro hair, of course, among which the most common of which are:
Ear length: to his ear.
Neck length: up to the neck.
Armpit length: up to the armpit.
Bra strap length: up loop fastener.
Mid back length: up to half back.
Waist length: waist.

I remember when I started my hair journey after the big chop me, I did some articles on my hair update, checking and updating the growth of my hair. Eventually I got tired, and I said in this post to reflect on the state of my hair. This post took the determination to stop having a goal and choose to enjoy my hair at every stage. For me it has been more healthy mentally, because I’m not so obsessed with my hair has to reach a certain measure; because then it seems a race, and we have said in the previous section that competition, nothing.

8. Be true to who you work

To see how I explain this without falling into nonsense. When I say be true to what works for you, I mean if you find a routine that goes well with you and your afro hair, keep. When I say that you do well to you, I mean they are and care techniques that are not cumbersome for you, that you do at home. And when I say that you are good to your hair, I mean you see positive results in your afro. If you find that routine, preserve it while you work.

In contrast, we find what works requires a lot of research, and to throw a lot of trial and error. You will taste products, techniques, treatments and hair styles that do not work … until they give the perfect formula for you. When you find it, do not change! Sure it will serve for a good while until you try that again fancy product of so much talk on the Internet and everyone working for you; or until you change the season and think you have to rearrange your hair care.

Whatever it is, certainly for long periods can be faithful to a routine and about particular products. I now I am delighted with the routine and products for hair care that I have established.

9. Fall in love with your afro hair

Than? Does that sound absurd? Perhaps, but let me explain. Do you like you treat people than you fall? Yes Yes. Now you think that what I ask has no relationship, but you answers. You are not treat her right to the people who you want? Your friends, your children (if you have them), your partner, your parents … you want them, and how you want them, treat them well (or you better!). Because if you fall for your hair, you sure will try gently, with love, with care. Spend your time and attention. Search these spaces to be for him and give it the attention it requires.

I have said on more than one occasion, but for me, skin care and hair care category have the ritual. RITUAL. That I said. For the morning that I dedicate to my hair, I’m just on my hair, and I take all the time in the world. Could unravel, wash my hair and comb in less time? Yes of course. In fact, once midweek in one hour have been ready (since we stepped into the shower to wash my hair until I finished my hair). But I do not like. It’s my time. It is my time to be locked in the bathroom without having to worry about anything other than my hair and me. And so I take it easy and do everything slowly. Because things which rank rite is done. No hurry.

10. With time and a fishing …

These phrases relating to time, in the end, just being right. And, with the passage of time will come the results: all. Because with the passage of time:

You will become an expert on your hair.
You fall in love with your hair.
You accept the reality and idiosyncrasies of your afro hair because you’ve fallen for him.
You will enjoy the moments of your hair care.
You look back, you’ll see everything you have learned about yourself and you’ll be surprised.

Ugh … go longer post, Desiree, you’re a little heavy, huh! Now, now … it is that I start to write, like to talk, and I’m alone. The advantage of having a blog is just this: that no one comes to say “shut up, heavy!” … At least as I write, lol!

Well, it was jokes, these are the ways to take care Afro hair I wanted to share with you today after leading and just over three years old of existence in the World  of Curling. But now, since you’ve come this far and have read this whole suckling pig, I want to know your opinion.