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Hair Progress Update!

Hair Progress Update!

I come to update you on my hair progress. This time I chose to unseat exactly after 6 months of prolongation. The previous show was on the 25th of July and my last show was on the 25th of January.

I’ll confess, girls: “I could not handle the two textures any more.” The lack of time and often, let’s face it, tiredness, daily routines and life in general lessen the will and motivation of taking care of the hair and this led me to become slightly frustrated with my hair because He rarely managed to make him look good.

“Does a person spend so much time investing in it and then can not even feel good and beautiful with it?” The last month of prolongation was really difficult as you may be noticing (laughs).

The last months of prolongation are usually always difficult but this was particularly complicated. Which makes me wonder if I should not start shortening the time between the parades or not. If on one hand I love the fact that I only worry about the show only twice a year (weeks before the show I’m super anxious and always afraid that something will go wrong, I do not know why but this happens often), and I love the volume that the prolongation between the ventures gives me but on the other the stress in taking care of the two textures sometimes is exhausting.

At this interval my hair grew about 6 cm which is equivalent to about 1 cm per month. I was able to retain practically all the growth but in some parts I had some breakage, especially at the tips a lot due to the lack of patience to deal with the two textures (yes, it happens to me too, lol).

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