All You Need to Know About Natural Hair

How to wash natural hair?

How to wash natural hair?

As I said in the previous post from now on I will talk detailing about all the steps of my hair regimen. The last post was about PRE-POO, the first step in my hair-washing routine. If you have lost this post enjoy and read here: Pre-treatment Shampoo – (Pre-OOP).

Following the PRE-POO, jump to the bath and I will wash my hair. Now you wonder what the secret behind hair washing is? Everyone knows how to do it, just put Shampoo, massage your hair and remove the shampoo, right ?? Well, more or less, there are some ESSENTIAL things to know if you have African hair, whether it’s natural or wild, and you want it to be healthy and long. You will want to minimize the breakage of the hair during the washing process and for this there is some information that you need to know.

When it comes time to wash my hair my hair is usually dry, embarrassed and “lifeless”.

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First of all, washing your hair is a time-consuming process so make sure you have the time for your hair, do not rush the process, always check that before you start the process you will have time to do it from start to finish. Because doing things hastily, stressed and without patience will make you start to neglect your hair. You will try to find shortcuts to reduce the time and end up further damaging your hair. When these without patience and without time you end up being less careful and more easily share the hair.

From the moment I started untying my hair the water became my worst enemy, ahahah, I did not want any contact with anything liquid, I hated the humidity and sometimes even going to the beach was complicated only by Think that I would reverse the straightening of my hair due to water. As you would expect my hair was extremely dry. He only washed his hair 1x a week at the hairdresser and stretched it shortly.

Of course what I was doing was completely wrong for anyone who wants to have healthy and long hair. Water is an essential component of our hair, just like other structures in our body.

African hair tends to be drier than others. The drier hair is more prone to split and have spiky tips. Soon African hair is more prone to depart and have spiky tips.

How will hair washing reduce hair loss? First of all when we wash our hair we are removing all the accumulated dirt or long days in our hair as well as the scalp. Clean hair has greater absorptive capacity, so if you put moisturizer on clean hair the greater will be its ability to absorb the moisturizer, the more hydrated it will be which consequently decreases the hair breakage.

Second, washing your hair will restore the level of hydration of your hair, through contact with water. When your hair has a suitable hydration level, the elasticity in the hair makes it more resistant, so it will be harder for it to break.

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