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Tie made with one’s hair (Uncut Hair)

Tie made with one’s hair (Uncut Hair)

I’m excited to make this post for you. After you have published the photo of this hairstyle on social networks you asked and here I am to show how I made the tie with my own hair. I thought the best way would be through a video for that reason I bring today the first video of our space and, I am very happy to share with you.

Despite this I will leave here the Footsteps, described since in the video I am not talking (I still have not lost the shame totally, LOL):

I divided the hair in two parts, from one ear to the other, getting this way with part one upper and one lower;
Then, with a rubber band, I fastened the upper part, as if to make a ponytail, taking two turns. On the second lap, I did not complete the whole and turned the ponytail to the front;
Then I divided the hair that is on the top, in two parts, as identical as possible;
To complete the loop we have to add the leftover hair from the catch that we made earlier between the divisions and fasten it with a hook;
To finalize and make the tie bigger and softer you should with the help of your thumb and second finger, gently extend your tie.
(It’s very difficult to explain this, LOL, I advise you to watch the video to be more noticeable)

I hope you like it and the video helps you do this hairstyle in your hair. If you reproduce this hairstyle identifies me (on Facebook or instagram), I will love to see it; D

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