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How I Baggy and Greenhouse Effect

Hi Mavens!

In the morning after the moisturize and seal, I baggy bun my hair. What is a baggy bun? It’s literally a bun with a plastic baggy on it! I coil my hair into a low bun and secure it with a scrunchie. Then I place a sandwich bag over the bun. You can use a processing cap, even a plastic grocery store shopping bag. Over the bag I place a black wig cap, and a scrunchie over that, and that’s it. My hair is getting a deep treatment all day, just marinating in all that moisture. You can place a phony pony or a fake bun over the baggy bun,and no one will be the wiser. I do this 5 or 6 days a week.

If your hair isn’t long enough to bun, I recommend putting a processing cap over your entire hair, a wig cap on top of that, and a cute wig, just until your hair is long enough to bun. If you follow my system to the letter, it will be long enough in no time!

At night, after the moisturize and seal, I do the same baggy bun, but I put the bun directly on top of my head. I do this for two reasons. Bunning is an excellent protective style for length retention. It keeps your ends and most of your length completely protected. But if your hair is in a bun in the same place all day and all night, the tension on the hair where the bun forms can cause some mild breakage. The solution to this is to kind of rotate the position of the bun. So in the day time I rotate between a low bun and a middle bun. And I put it in the high bun at night. The second reason is sleeping comfort. By putting the bun on the top of my head, I can sleep on my back or either side with zero discomfort. Try it! you’ll love it!

So I put the baggied bun on top of my head. I then take a plastic processing cap with a whole torn out of the very top, and place it over my head, with the baggy bun sticking out of that hole in the top of the cap. So the processing cap is very snug on top of my head. I then take a spandex wave cap, the type the men use, and that one has a hole in the top as well, and I put it on top of the processing cap, with the baggy bun sticking out of the top. And this is my version of the Green House Effect (GHE). The wave cap and the processing cap trap heat in, causing an increase in sebum production, and really activating the ingredients in the Miracle Hair Growth Oil. If you can imagine how quickly plants grow in a moist, steamy greenhouse, well, this is the effect we’re cultivating here, and it really works. I even have a winter hat with a hole in the top of it that I put on top of the whole deal to increase the heat sometimes. Five or six nights a week with this as well. The results are amazing. Give this 90 days and then judge for yourself.

Do you baggy bun and/or GHE? Weigh in with a comment below! And join my newsletter for more tips and tricks and exciting discounts on Miracle Hair Growth products! God bless!

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