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Top 5 Hair Regimens to Jumpstart Your Relaxed Healthy Hair Journey

Hi Mavens!

A regimen is an absolute must for healthy hair.  When women ask me how to grow their hair as long as mine, I start by asking them what they are doing right now, and I am shocked at how haphazard most women are with their hair! Honestly, I’m not shocked, because that is precisely how I approached my hair care prior to embarking on a healthy hair journey.  You try a little of this, a little of that, anything that catches your eye in the hair aisle at the store.  Sometimes you don’t do a thing with your hair besides throw it in a scrunchie and call it a night.  We’ve all been there!

What is the answer to healthy hair growth and retention? An awesome regimen tailored to your hair’s specific needs! There is a little trial and error involved in developing a regimen, but I’ve got your back.  I have compiled a list of regimens from the top relaxed hair gurus from around the web. (Don’t worry transitioning and natural ladies; I’ve got you covered too! I’ll have a post with the top ladies in that category as well.)  Choose the one that appeals to you, and try it on for size.  Or combine several of them into one, power packed regimen! You can tweak and tailor them until you get your own unique formula, and that’s where the magic will happen.  If you follow your healthy hair regimen faithfully, your hair will thrive, just like the gorgeous heads of hair these ladies have!

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Jeni over at Just Grow Already has grown her hair with a regimen built around weekly deep conditioning and roller setting.  She lays out her regimen clearly and includes her staple product list including the supplements she uses.  Jeni lets us experience her wash days with her by detailing her process and sharing beautiful photos of the results, and she documents any changes and updates to her weekly routine.

To check out her full regimen head over to Just Grow Already



Nadege on Relaxed Hair Health is a relaxed head, but she incorporates a lot of natural ingredients into her regimen.  She touts bamboo leaf tea and Gleau Argan Oil as staples.  Nadege really does her research and shares it with us so that we can make informed decisions before adding products and techniques to our regimens.

For her full regimen go over to Relaxed Hair Health



Sunshyne over at Hairlicious Inc.  has a really helpful hair blog.  She introduced me to the exciting effects that Jamaican Black Castor Oil can have on the thickness of relaxed hair! She focuses her regimen around the importance of moisture and protein balance.  And here’s something really cool! She started a hugely popular hair board called Hairlista Inc (I just found out another coworker of mine is a member!).  Women from all over the world come together on her forum to discuss hair care techniques and product reviews, and many of the Youtube hair gurus credit the board with their phenomenal hair!

For her regimen and to join Hairlista head over to Hairlicious Inc.



Megz over on Ulovemegz is a well known Youtuber with hundreds of popular hair, makeup and style videos.  If you have relaxed hair, she’s definitely someone you want to check out.    Megz focuses her regimen around the Organic Root Stimulator line of products, and she has reaped amazing results! Not a fan of direct heat, she only uses it once a month, and credits a lot of her retention to this practice.

For her full regimen and to check out her videos go over to Ulovemegz.



Joi Ashley on The Anti Hair Slave has grown her hair with a very consistent regimen, and her website chronicles that beautifully with regular length updates. She breaks her regimen down into seasons, which is very smart.  Our hair requires different things with different temperatures and weather conditions.  One of the more recent features I enjoy and refer back to is her Operation Wedding Hair.  Pretty much what it sounds.She tweaked her regimen so that she could reach her hair goal in time for a wedding.  From what I understand it’s mission accomplished!

For her regimen and to check out Operation Wedding Hair head over to The Anti Hair Slave.


Head over to these blogs and give the regimens shared in this post a go and share your regimen by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Resha
    3 years ago

    Most women is blessed with thick, straight long hair but few don’t have. Argan oil can provide all benefits that anyone wanted to have shiny straight long hair. It matters on natural products because it is safe and no harmful effects to the body. Argan oil is the hottest hair products known to be the best and effective regimen today.
    Resha recently and skin careMy Profile

  2. Nadege
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m loving your progress by the way. Your hair looks great.

    • marta9227
      3 years ago

      Thanks Nadege! Means a lot coming from you-one of my hair crushes lol!

  3. cheryl
    3 years ago

    I have relaxed hair and cant seem to get it passed neck length.. I was thinking about going to texlaxed hair but I dont know how to do that without damaging my hair. I just want it to be thicker and grow longer. Do you know any products to start my regimen, such as moisturizers… protein/moisture conditioners… shampoos…

    • marta9227
      3 years ago

      To transition to texlaxed you simply leave the relaxer on for a much shorter time, either you or your stylist, and forego smoothing. And maybe try switching to a child’s relaxer, still leaving it on for less time than the instructions indicate. You’ll want to be extra consistent with moisturizing and sealing. I am a fan of the Garnier Fructis leave in cream with argan oil for a moisturizer. My favorite shampoo is L’oreal Ever Creme, its sulfate free and cleans well while still leaving hair moisturized! And the ORS Replenishing Conditioner balances protein and moisture. I personally mix mine with Roux Porosity Control. Hope that helps! You can get the complete blueprint I used to grow my hair from SL to MBL in less than a year on Amazon. God bless!

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